Published: Apr, 22 2020

When the COVID-19 epidemic hit southern California, it immediately became clear to one oral surgeon that dental professionals had a vital role to play in fighting the virus.

Published: Nov, 04 2019

Whether you prefer Starbucks or Coffee Bean, are a regular at Calabasas favorites like 10 Speed Coffee or Pedaler’s Fork, or choose to brew your own coffee at home, you are going to want to hear this. Coffee may actually be good for you.

Published: Apr, 09 2019

As we all know, there is a big push in California to ban plastic straws. The anti-straw campaign has been active for quite some years now.

Published: Aug, 31 2018

The academic year is getting underway again, and many students prefer to bike to school. Biking is an ecofriendly, healthy, and affordable way to commute.

Published: Feb, 14 2018

As we move towards the hotter months, why not enjoy the greener and cooler months by exploring some of the area’s hiking trails?

Published: Feb, 01 2017

The trend toward “medical tourism” has increased among women, but this can come with dangerous and expensive unforeseen consequences.

Published: Jan, 24 2017

Patients who enter the hospital put themselves in the hands of an institution they expect to care for and treat them. Unfortunately, some patients become the victims of sexual assault while they are in the hospital. If you suspect you have been the victim of such an assault, it is important to know that you […]

Published: Jan, 24 2017

When it is time to give birth, a mother places her trust in medical professionals and a hospital to safely deliver her baby. Look for these signs of malpractice.

Published: Jan, 24 2017

When patients think about possible causes for their dental disease, their first thoughts often go to their oral hygiene practices. While it’s true that good brushing and flossing habits are essential for maintaining optimal dental health, other factors can lead to dental disease despite patients’ best efforts to take care of their teeth. One such […]

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Common Birth Injuries Associated with Malpractice

When it is time to give birth, a…

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Calabasas Leads in Eliminating Plastic Straws

As we all know, there is a big p…

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