Cute Christmas Pajamas for the Whole Family

Published: Dec, 09 2019

Every family has their own special traditions for the holidays. For me, one of my favorite traditions is opening one gift on Christmas Eve – Christmas PJs! Each year, my mom either makes or picks out Christmas pajamas for the whole family. Some years we are matching, others we are color-coordinated, but we are always excited to change into our new sleepwear and curl up on the sofa to listen to “The Night Before Christmas” as it’s read aloud.

Christmas pajamas can be found just about anywhere, whether you prefer to shop online or in-store you will have a large selection to choose from. Here are some cute options we found (both from exclusively online retailers and those with brick-and-mortar locations – just in case you want to check them out in person): 

First up, cute polar bear onesies from Macy’s. With selections for men, women, kids, babies and even something to match for your dog (or cat!) this design can be for the whole family!





Amazon has just about anything you could ever want, including Christmas PJs! They have so many to choose from, but these fun and festive christmas light PJs were just too cute not to share.







Kohls is another great place to find cute and affordable jammies for the whole family. Here are two options that we wanted to share, one for coordinating (even with grandma and grandpa!) and one for matching:









Another really fun idea is to shop on Etsy! While they are an online-only platform, some sellers let you customize your PJs! You could add names to each set, pick different patterns for each person or simply stick with an already set design. Here are two fun options you can find on Etsy:

Click here to learn more about these cute moose PJs!



Click here to learn more about these adorable matching Christmas PJs!





And last, but certainly not least, we have Target. A great place for all things holiday, including PJs! Of the many, many available options to choose from, here are three of our favorites:

Click here to learn more about these fuzzy Christmas llama PJs!



Click here to learn more about these coordinating elf PJs!




Click here to learn more about these Christmas plaid PJs!