How to Match Your Jewelry with Your Outfit

Published: Feb, 22 2017

Jewelry is the most important accessory to consider when you want to take an outfit from merely good to extraordinary. When your clothes and your jewelry work together, you feel confident and attractive. Knowing a few simple tips will help you select the jewelry to perfectly complement your wardrobe every time.

1. Coordinate the colors: Fashion experts advise that a stylish outfit should not contain more than three main colors. You should consider any colored gemstones as being part of those three colors. Coordinate your choice with a color already in your outfit’s palette. For example, if you’re wearing a black and white dress with red shoes and a red purse, pair it with ruby earrings to pick up on the accent color you’ve already established.

2. Consider the occasion: Where you’re going should inform your jewelry choices. If you’re choosing jewelry to wear with a work ensemble, you’ll want to go with something more understated and classic. A simple diamond solitaire on a short chain is just the thing to add elegance to your suit. On the other hand, if you’re headed for a formal occasion, that’s the perfect time to show off your favorite chandelier earrings or statement necklace.

3. Opposites enhance: Though it may seem counterintuitive, in one important respect your clothing and your jewelry should be opposites. If you’re wearing an outfit with lots of embellishments or colorful patterns, your jewelry should be simple. A fancy piece will get visually lost if your outfit is already fancy. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a simple outfit, that can provide the perfect backdrop for a stunning pendant. This is one reason little black dresses will always be popular—they pair so well with your favorite elaborate pieces!

4. You don’t have to match: While once upon a time fashionistas might have frowned on mixing metals or combining different color gemstones, that is far from the case now. Especially if you are wearing a neutral color outfit, a mix of gold and silver or a pop of color from brilliant gemstones can be just the thing to bring flair to your look.

5. Pick a favorite: If you’re including an especially eye-catching piece of jewelry, whether it’s a blue topaz pendant surrounded with white sapphires, a diamond-and-emerald bracelet, or an alexandrite cocktail ring, make sure the focus remains on the item you’ve chosen as your main accessory by toning down your other jewelry choices. Too many dramatic pieces together means that the eye doesn’t know where to go.

6. Quality is always in style: Don’t think that you have to wear costume jewelry if you’re in jeans. Why not add a little class to your going-to-the-market ensemble with genuine gold hoop earrings or a silver bangle? There’s no reason not to wear the real deal every day.

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