Hometown Getaway: 3 Calabasas Restaurants Serving at Outdoor Seating

Published: Jul, 31 2020

As Southern California continues to weather COVID-19 and the associated safety restrictions designed to slow the spread of the virus, one bright spot has been the resilience and ingenuity of our local business owners. When in-person shopping wasn’t possible, delivery and curbside pickup options appeared. When businesses began to reopen, proprietors rethought their indoor spaces, installed barriers and distance markers, and metered entry to protect their patrons. And when renewed cases prompted another shutdown of indoor dining in Los Angeles County, restaurants used their outdoor spaces to provide dining options in the fresh air.

While what doctors and scientists have learned about the coronavirus puts indoor restaurant dining on the list of activities considered higher risk, properly distanced outdoor dining is widely permitted across the country, even in states with strict COVID-19 rules. Why? Because the natural ventilation of the outdoors tends to disperse any potential airborne virus rather than collecting it, as might happen in crowded rooms.

Let’s face it: months at home have made even the most dedicated homebodies and introverts among us a little stir crazy. If you’re looking for a chance to get out locally to enjoy a nice meal with a change of scenery, we’ve scouted three local restaurants with dine-in patio seating available. (Note: Our research was done in late July. As we’ve seen, conditions can change rapidly with the coronavirus. We recommend checking to make sure your venue is still open for dine-in seating before you go!)

King’s Fish House (4798 Commons Way, Calabasas · 818-225-1979): Full of delicious seafood options, King’s Fish House menu offers indulgent delights for the whole family. While you’re out, enjoy a cocktail crafted with fresh herbs and fruit and splurge with a dessert to round off the experience. If you’ve been nervous about going out, check out their COVID-19 Playbook to see what you can expect should you choose to visit.

Lovi’s Delicatessen (24005 Calabasas Road, Calabasas · 818-223-8777): The Lovi family describes their newest restaurant as “an homage to the delicatessens that opened in New York in the latter part of the nineteenth century with a contemporary edge.” Along with traditional deli fare such as pastrami and corned beef sandwiches or matzo ball and kreplach soup, you’ll also find an array of international offerings and traditional American dishes.

Toscanova (4799 Commons Way Suite A, Calabasas · 818-225-0499): If you’re craving Italian food, Toscanova’s dine-in menu gives you a wealth to choose from. From soups and salads to pastas, risottos, seafood and more, Chef Agostino Sciandri’s takes on classic dishes give them a modern twist. Reservations are always recommended for dine-in service at this fabulous eatery, one of the Sciandri family’s well-known restaurant group.

Of course, we’re all looking forward to the day when decreased spread, improved treatment options, and a vaccine let us get back to our normal activities. In the meantime, our local business owners are going the extra mile to help us have a (literal!) taste of the things we love.