Online Age Verification for Vape Websites by Westlake Tech Company AgeChecker.Net Helps Stop Underage Buyers

Published: Jan, 04 2020

Everybody loves shopping online, but offering the convenience of online sales to consumers can be a challenge for certain types of businesses. Companies selling goods that are restricted to adults, including e-cigarettes and vapes, are not absolved from the responsibility of verifying that their purchasers are legally authorized to buy from them just because they can’t see them face to face. The recent passing of the Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act has tightened rules even more. Thus, including a system that will provide reliable age verification is a must for their websites.

If you’re developing such a site, you’re probably already aware that a simple age gate feature isn’t going to prevent underage sales. Most simply require a user seeking entry to a site to enter their birthdate, trusting that they’ll be honest. As you might imagine, that doesn’t provide much of a defense against fraudulent purchases by underage buyers, nor much of a defense against legal liability. Yet retailers hesitate to put burdensome age verification processes in place for fear of driving off legitimate consumers. Fortunately, one Westlake Village tech company has a solution that is robust enough to work and fast enough to satisfy consumers used to easy online shopping. is a plugin designed to provide a quick and easy solution for businesses offering vape products. It verifies information provided by purchasers against a database of publicly available legal records from various sources. Ninety percent of customers can be verified automatically this way, in an average of ten seconds! For the remainder, allows them to upload a photo of a government-issued ID to complete verification. The checkout process is seamless, and the system can note successful verification so that repeat customers aren’t asked again. isn’t just simple to use for consumers and businesses, though—it’s a fast solution for website developers catering to such businesses. With plugins and integrations for most major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce, and more, you can have it up and running in no time. No custom coding is required. Why reinvent the wheel when you’re helping your clients protect against underage sales?

With a user-friendly account dashboard and industry-specific templates that allow them to stay current with changing legislation, as well as a range of customization choices they can adjust as desired, gives businesses catering to an adult audience the tools they need to stay in legal compliance with age restrictions. Best of all, its pricing structure doesn’t penalize businesses for failed age checks, keeping costs low and tied to actual sales.

If you’re looking for easily implemented, budget-friendly age verification for your clients that truly offers the protection they need, is a solution you can recommend with confidence.