Local Business, International Reach: Cedar Financial Serves Industries Around the World

Published: May, 03 2019

Innovations in technology and transit have made it easier for twenty-first-century businesses to have a global reach, bringing products and services to clients on every continent. However, what do those businesses do when their clients don’t pay on time? Effective debt collection isn’t simply about recovering what’s owed—ideally, it should also be about preserving client relationships as well. The picture becomes even more complicated if you factor in the different regulations that may apply in other states or countries. Fortunately for businesses looking for a knowledgeable resource for collection, local company Cedar Financial offers both domestic and international service for clients in the education, healthcare, commercial, and e-commerce industries, as well as for government agencies.

Headquartered in Calabasas, Cedar Financial has a unique approach to debt collection that results in higher conversion rates and a more positive experience for both clients and debtors. They describe their philosophy as “people first”—meaning that throughout the collection process, they never lose sight of the fact that your customers deserve to be treated with professionalism and courtesy. Collection agencies are often stigmatized as being combative, leading those who’ve fallen into debt to avoid communications. Cedar Financial knows that an aggressive approach is counterproductive, because the opportunity to resolve obligations amicably is often lost when a collection agency opens with a hostile manner. Their goal is to work toward a mutually satisfactory resolution through respectful communication.

Cedar Financial pairs this attitude with the latest in technology and a worldwide network of local professionals with expertise in the laws and customs of their locale. For clients who have no “boots on the ground” in foreign countries, Cedar Financial’s team of experts can make the difference between giving up on a debt and successfully collecting. Differing regulations in jurisdictions overseas, as well as differing local customs, mean that the methods used to collect domestically may not apply, and could even hinder attempts to resolve outstanding invoices. Cedar Financial’s specialized expertise helps their clients avoid costly missteps that can delay payment, and allows them to focus on their core business rather than chasing down unpaid bills.

Ultimately, Cedar Financial is focused on the big picture of their clients’ enterprises. Debt recovery is important to maintain positive cash flow. How you accomplish that is also important, though. Burning bridges in the process can hurt your business in the long run. Cedar Financial puts their utmost into producing fast, amicable settlements to avoid costly, time-consuming litigation while preserving the relationship between the client and their customer. Knowing that when they work for you, their conduct reflects on your brand and reputation, Cedar Financial’s experienced negotiators handle every interaction with diplomacy, persistence, and understanding.

It’s a measure of how interconnected the world has become that a business like Cedar Financial can be quietly facilitating international commerce from our charming community west of the San Fernando Valley. Cedar Financial has accurately gauged the need for professional debt collection services in the business community and developed the skills and networks to meet that need. For entrepreneurs looking to expand their reach, their services are invaluable.