Best 4 Restaurants for 2019 Valentine’s Day Dinner in Calabasas and Woodland Hills

Published: Feb, 12 2019

It’s that time of the year again! If you’re trying to stay local in Calabasas and celebrating a nice evening with your partner, here are the best restaurants for you to make a reservation at. These 4 restaurants  are interested in serving you a wonderful Valentine’s Day dinner experience on Thursday.

Pedalers Fork

This is a hip, rustic, and family friendly restaurant. Located near the Calabasas Farmer’s Market, Pedalers Fork offers indoor and outdoor seating with a wide array of organic meals. Vegans welcome! They are also very proud of their ethically sourced coffee. If you’re a bicycling hobbyist and haven’t been here before, be sure to check them out! They host biking events which could land you into a whole new social group!

(818) 225-8231

The Six Chow House

If you’re looking for something with a classy feel and more activity, check out The Six Chow House. It’s a great place to bring your family, dogs included! They have some killer cocktails too. Be sure to try their braised short ribs. And if you’re trying to stay inside this Valentine’s Day, they are ready to deliver. Check in with Yelp for a complimentary dessert banana creme pie with your meal!

(818) 222-6969

H.O.M. Italian Eatery

It’s Italian, it’s new, and it’s right near you. Are you ready to feel sophisticated? After you’ve started the night with a roasted beets salad, followed up with polpo and steak tartare, you will be able to tell your friends just how romantic your evening truly was.  

(818) 313-9500


Give me the fancy. Give me the classics. Give me the options between chilean sea bass, veal chop, or lamb. Let them come to my table and make the salad in front of me. And don’t forget the wine! If you’re looking for a truly intimate setting with dress attire, Brandywine is the spot for you.

(818) 225-9114

No matter what you’re in the mood for, these restaurants have something that can satisfy your craving. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Polpo at HOM Italian Eatery

Polpo at HOM Italian Eatery