4 Best Coffee Spots in Calabasas

Published: Feb, 13 2020

With quick and easy coffee options like Starbucks and Coffee Bean, it’s easy to get into a routine and never explore the great coffee shops Calabasas has to offer. Whether you want to get some work done or just meet up with a friend, here are four of our favorite spots in the area:

1) 10 Speed

A Calabasas classic, 10 Speed is a must-stop location for any coffee shop lover. With a fun bike-themed design on both the interior and exterior seating areas, 10 Speed creates an atmosphere unlike any other. The indoor seating area is connected to the Pedalers Fork restaurant, which offers a delicious brunch, lunch and dinner menu for when you get hungry. Meanwhile, the covered outdoor patio feels like a peaceful escape into nature with the rustic wooden design and surrounding trees, making it the perfect spot to get some work done or meet up with somebody. Not to mention the coffee. 10 Speed takes their coffee very seriously. With on-site micro batch roasting and extensively trained baristas, they have turned coffee making into an art form. The individualized attention 10 Speed brings to each cup makes it incomparable to any mass production shop.

2) Blue Bottle

A company that started in the early 2000s in Oakland, California as a small batch roasting coffee service that was hand delivered to your home, Blue Bottle has now grown to be an international success. However, despite its impressive growth, Blue Bottle maintains its dedication to quality. The initial promise to make sure the coffee is served within a two to three-day timeframe, that ensures peak flavor, has never been sacrificed. Coffee snob or not, Blue Bottle’s flavor is truly unbeatable. With some scrumptious small plate items such as their avocado toast and the Belgium waffles, Blue Bottle is another great place to set up shop and get some work done in the morning.

3) SunLife

You may be familiar with the delectable acai bowls and smoothies this Calabasas Commons hot spot has to offer, but what you may not know is that they also have a variety of distinctively delicious coffee and tea options as well. Much like the rest of their menu, the SunLife Coffee menu contains a wide variety of unique ingredients all targeted to supercharge your health. With highlights such as the turmeric latte and the cold brew mixed with alkaline water, the SunLife coffee menu is sure to be unlike any other you have ever encountered. With both indoor and outdoor seating, this local gem is the perfect place to just sit and catch up with friends.

4) Five07

The Five07 is a coffee shop unlike any other. With an unbeatable menu and even more extended hours (7:30 am – midnight), this shop is dedicated to its mission to be a creative space that fosters inspiration and community. Local owners Sean and Amber McCarthy grew up in the area and understood the need for a place where people could meet up locally past 8pm. The Five07 has a wide variety of delicious food and coffee options, as well as plenty of space to work or have a conversation with somebody. A place dedicated to inspiring creativity and collaboration; this is the perfect space to fulfill any of your coffee shop needs.

Coffee shops have a unique history of being meccas of thought and inspiration. They mean different things to different people. For one person, it can be the space where you are writing the next great American novel. For another, it could be the meeting table where you make your new business. For another still, it could just be a place to catch up with a loved one. Unlike a restaurant or a café, coffee shops are a free space where you can be productive in whatever it is you want to do. So next time you are looking for a space to refuel and get something done, don’t just settle for a chain, but check out some of these community spots.